Ducati ST2, ST3, ST4, 1992-98 Ducati Supersport mirrors: 5200/01- Pair

  • Fits all Ducati ST2, ST3, ST4 -pair of mirrors
  • Also fits 1992-1998 Ducati Supersports -pair of mirrors
  • Solid alloy arm, tight mirror socket. Less vibration than stock.
  • No more broken springs, cracking housings. Bolt on ready.
  • Folding arm Joint at the fairing
  • No more failures. No more ~$200 each stock mirrors.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.The last time we offered this ST mirror solution it sold out.....
  • Convex glass ~160x75mm, 60mm mounting holes
  • Ducati ST owner reviews these mirrors : "These mirrors are the 10 times better
  • than stock, you can see behind you without pulling in your arms.
  • I now can see behind me with both mirrors. They look awesome with the bike. "
  • Installation Note : There is small mold release point / deformation on the bottom of the rubber boots.......
  • It is visible on the entire production. This mark is harmless and not visible after installation. Align the boots and bolt it on. I wasn't in charge of the rubber molding that day.....lol.
  • Mirror hardware provided is designed to be tightened from the inside of the fairing.
  • You do not need to lift the boots and secure the allen head, just tighten it from the inside of the fairing.
  • Bolt them on and go for a ride, if you don't think they are better in everyway, send them back for a refund.

  • Cheers, Henri

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