KTM Folding Mirrors 225mm 5498P -Pair

KTM Folding Mirrors 225mm length -Pair

KTM OEM Folding mirror 225mm horizontal reach size In the drop down menu :

10mm x1.25mm RHD pair,

225mm is used on the KTM 200-250-350-450 cc bikes

Made in Italy. Convex mirror.

This model is recommended for highway and light duty dirt bikes.

For heavy duty dirt bikes we recommend our more rugged 5498U model.


If you have any questions, use a ruler to do a mock up on your bike.

This mirror is 225mm or ~9 inches horizontal from the pivot to the outside edge of the mirror.

Price compare here ~$55 each : http://www.ktmtwins.com/950adventure/58312040200.html

Finest handlebar mirror design in the world.... Ultimate Dirt and Street bike Enduro mirror.

The Emgo folding mirror, Acerbis etc. may be cheaper, but too short to work very well.

Bar end mirrors are another hard to see out of solution and don't work very well.

Rachet Folding feature can be locked down or left adjustable.

Can be folded out of the way for offroad.

The angle of adjustment on the folding elbow

is from 8:30AM to about 3PM on the clock

which offers every conceivable position you could want.

No comparison with bar end mirrors or stock mirrors.

Suzuki SV650, V-Strom, Ninja 650R Versys, Honda Transalp, KTM, Moto Guzzi,

Husqevarna, Triumph, KLR650 and many more with 10mm x 1.25mm mounts.

Reverse mounts for left side on Ducati Monster and Yamaha.

Bar Mounts can be fitted to any motorcycle with the 7/8 inch handlebars

Save your master cylinder or clutch perch from breaking....on Motorcycles.

Set up instructions:

Preferably grease the elbows, blue loctite on the allen bolt....for vibration.

Tension only as much as needed and fold on fly all day....

Snug the 4mm elbow allen head only as tight as needed to stay where you put it.

The grease makes it much smoother.

I use the same folding mirrors on my daily mule.

Exclusive to Moto-science......Imported from Italy

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