KTM OEM Folding Mirror 280mm With Bar Mount 5587B-Each

KTM OEM Folding mirror 280mm Bar mount mirror 5587B-Each

280mm is the stock KTM Military size

Made in Italy. Convex mirror. Buy the one or buy the pair.

Finest handlebar mirror design in the world.... Ultimate Dirt and Street bike Enduro mirror.

The Emgo folding mirror, Acerbis etc. may be cheaper, but too short to work very well.

CRC Bar end mirrors are another hard to see out of solution and don't work very well.

Rachet Folding feature can be locked down or left adjustable.

Can be folded out of the way for offroad.

The angle of adjustment on the folding elbow

is from 8.30AM to about 3PM on the clock

which offers every conceivable position you could want.

No comparison with bar end mirrors or short stock mirrors.

Handle bar mount :

Save your master cylinder perch from breaking....on KTM Motorcycles when you crash hard.

Motoscience Exclusive....Imported from Italy

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