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BMW F650 GS F800 GS R1200GS with BMW Folding Mirror 0097BMW Each

Regular price $58.50

BMW F650 GS F800 GS R1200GS with BMW Folding Mirror 0097BMW each.

This is an original KTM mirror which has been made to fit most BMW applications.

The KTM Folding mirror adapted for R1200GS F800 GS and F650 GS

This is a KTM OE Folding mirror:

KTM Part Number : 58312040200 Price: $55 (from KTM)

with a stud mount to fit the BMW friction clamping nut part # 51167673982

243mm stem length = 9.6 inch Horizontal reach.

Ratchet Folding feature can be locked down or left adjustable.

Can be folded out of the way for off road on the fly.

The angle of adjustment on the folding elbow

is from 8:30 AM to about 3 PM on the clock

which offers every conceivable position you could possibly want.

10mm stud fits the stock BMW clamping nut part # 51167673982

If you have the late model threaded BMW mirrors seen on the 2009-10 R1200GS,

This new BMW design keeps you a hostage at the BMW parts counter.

The threaded design is primarily to keep you from using standard mount mirrors which cost less.

Once you have a pair of BMW clamping nuts part # 51167673982, you are

liberated to a wider selection of lower cost and better performing mirrors.

The KTM Folding mirror design also saves a lot of mirrors from breaking *if* you adjust the elbow

tension bolt so that the elbow can move upon impact.

Optional universal 8mm and 10mm mounts for ANY other bike in the drop down menu.

Fits Ducati and Yamaha, also excellent for Scooters with 8mm mounts.

Convex glass, E marked for Mot and TUV inspections.

Exclusive to Motoscience......Imported from Italy.

Will also fit the GS1100 and GS1150 using the metric adapter $24/pair. Contact me for this setup.

Set up instructions : Screw in the Perch models P”  5498P, 0097P, 5587P, 6904P, 5498Y, 0097Y, 5587Y, 6904Y, 

Optional grease the elbows, ~blue loctite on the allen bolt....for long haul vibration.

Tension only as much as needed and fold on the fly all day...

Snug the 4mm elbow allen head only as tight as needed to stay wherever

you put it.

The grease makes it much smoother.

For the clamping stud mount for “U” models: 5498U, 0097U, 5587U, 6904U

The above “P”  instructions and these notes :

No need to over-tighten the stud clamping mount.

It only has to be tight enough to resist the wind. This is the clamping nut style which will allow the mirror to twist in the event of a fall or collision, saving a broken mirror.