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Ducati V4 Panigale Matte Black LED folding mirrors 7593/94V - Pair

Regular price $295.00

Ducati V4 Panigale Matte Black LED folding mirrors 7593/94V - Pair

Better quality than the fixed stock easily broken all plastic non-folding 523S0641A, 523S0651A at $234.31 each

We use alloy base and arm, and the shell is high impact resistant nylon type plastic. Using a 3mm gasket to fit our successful 1299/959 Folding mirrors to the V4 Panigale.

I don't have V4 pictures yet but the V4 will have the same excellent geometry that the 1299 has in the pictures. I'm making do with these 1299 pictures for a few weeks. As always, if you don't like our mirrors, we'll take them back.

Presently, these are the only alternative the stock mirrors.

Note : 7/17/2018  :  2nd Production is delayed. Apologies ~6-8 weeks before we can ship out. If you order we will ship it out as soon as possible. Production ran out of the glass. 

These are available for immediate shipping: for V4 ( indicate V4 in order notes)

Drops in the stock fairing mounts, no mods to the bike. Includes Ducati connectors, no modifications to the bike. As these are a new product, we are interested in any remarks on what we can improve. If in the next 2 months we improve the kit, we will send out improved parts to the early adopters.

Stock installation does not require resistors.

Very Bright me on this.

Lifetime warranty through Moto-Science on LEDS.

Includes gaskets and connectors to fit either Ducati V4

Moto-science exclusive, Made in Italy.

Note: There is a mold release mark on the top edge of these shells on the entire production.

Ducati V4 Mirror Installation instructions:

Install one mirror at a time. 
High side of the mount goes towards the outside.
Without disassembly, line up the screws and thick rubber gasket with the fairing holes. Tighten from the inside of the fairing.
Pull the wires out of the mount.
Set the tension you want on the mirrors for folding with an 11mm socket on the brass nut ( ~hand tight here lightly or medium for almost no folding action) 
If you plan on folding daily, add a little vaseline/grease to the folding arm and base.
Thread the wires through the mount.
Attach the ducati connector with tape to ~sort the polarity of the LEDS by testing.
yellow is +
Pull the key out to reset the ECU if you run into a no blink situation.
Using the unions enclosed crimp the wires together.
(~little bit fiddly here because Ducati uses short leads)
Using small electrical tape, tape the unions up. 

If you run into blink problems because of a modified non stock tail section, add the 2 or 3watt 28 ohm resistors across the + and - at the mirror wiring  and connector joint. We are always available to help, just ask.

Cheers, henri