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BMW Folding Mirrors 225-325mm Adj. Stem Bar mount 6804B Pair

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    BMW Folding Mirrors 225-325mm Adj. Stem Bar mount 6804BPair

    These are original KTM mirrors which have been made to fit BMW applications.

    Ducati/Yamaha/Universal Folding Mirrors 225-325mm Adj.Stems 6804Bar Mounts-Pair

    Fits any motorcycle with standard 22mm or 7/8 inch handlebars.

    Handle bar mount :

    Save your master cylinder perch from breaking....on KTM Motorcycles when you crash hard.

    Experience shows that Bar mounts are more rugged because they can twist on the handlebars in crashes.

    If you are going to be aggressive in the dirt, get bar mount mirrors.

    We also stock the mirror stalk and the elbows separately, so you can replace only what you need.

    Folding Elbow adjusts from about 8.30am to 2.30pm on the clock.

    Elbow joint can be adjusted on the move or locked down.

    The stem is adjustable in length from 225-325mm.

    Extra reach for unsurpassed rear view.....

    Folding mirrors concept is my favorite mirror.

    Convex glass Ducati OEM Italy.

    Moto-Science Exclusive

    Set up instructions : Screw in the Perch models P”  5498P, 0097P, 5587P, 6804P, 5498Y, 0097Y, 5587Y, 6804Y, 

    Optional grease the elbows, ~blue loctite on the allen bolt....for long haul vibration.

    Tension only as much as needed and fold on the fly all day...

    Snug the 4mm elbow allen head only as tight as needed to stay wherever you put it.

    The grease makes it much smoother.

    For the clamping stud mount for “U” models: 5498U, 0097U, 5587U, 6804U

    The above “P”  instructions and these notes :

    No need to over-tighten the stud clamping mount.

    It only has to be tight enough to resist the wind. This is the clamping nut style which will allow the mirror to twist in the event of a fall or collision, saving a broken mirror.