Genuine Original Quality Motorcycle Mirrors by FAR Italy

BMW F650* and G450X Folding mirrors 225mm w/perch mounts 5498 P pair

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BMW F650* and G450X Folding mirrors 225mm 5498 P pair

225mm true horizontal length, 10mm x1.25mm thread pitch RHD.

Convex Optical glass mirrors 100mm Diameter, Includes BMW clamping #51167673982 for each mirror

Fold on the fly convenience.

Once you go with these folding mirror, you can never go back to fixed arm mirrors.

World's best Dual-Sport motorcycle mirrors bar none: adapted for the BMW.

We sell parts, so you can buy a mirror stalk or an elbow if needed.

Read about it on the web: KTM Folding Mirrors

Fits early edition BMW F650* 1998-2000

The BMW F650 uses 3 different mounts: 10mm X 1.25mm, 8mm X 1.25mm and 10mm X 1.5mm

We carry all 3 versions for the BMW F650 and its sub models.

If you are in doubt send us the year and model in the order notes and we will figure it out for you.