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Ducati Monster Mirrors, Alloy Black 7017 Pair

Regular price $115.00

Ducati Monster Diavel Mirrors, Alloy Black

Fits all Ducati Monsters before 2008.

After 2008 you need the 8mm bolt kit in stock ( $18/pair)

Unless it is a Diavel and you have the 10mm mirror perches.

Tell us what bike you have and we will figure it out from the Ducati parts catalog

Convex Mirrors 125mm x 85mm complete with left-hand mounts included.


For 2008-12 Ducati you need the Ducati 8mm bolt kit available for $18 (add a note to your order)

For most BMW you need the BMW bolt kit available for $18 (add a note to your order).

Ducati OEM brand Made in Italy.

A pair of mirrors includes 10mm right hand and reverse thread bolts for all Ducati before 2008.

If you have a 2008-13 Ducati request the optional special Ducati 8mm bolts ($18)

These are reduced shank with a smaller head very special 8mm bolts.

This mirror fits almost every bike, drop me a note and I'll make sure it fits your bike.

Moto science Exclusive....Imported from Italy