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Ducati OEM 1198 1098 848 LED Mirrors Tuning Style 7086/87 -Pair

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DUCATI 1198 1098 848 LED Mirrors OEM pair - Tuning style

Super Bright LEDS with visible indicators on the mirror side.

Exclusive to Moto-science.....

Genuine Ducati OEM Made in Italy.

Includes Ducati wiring connectors.

Lifetime warranty through Moto-Science on LEDS.

Ducati mirrors from the Italian market.

Convex mirror, 135x85mm Convex mirror with ~200mm / ~8 inches of total length

Includes rubber gasket.

This Mirror is designed to be easily disassembled for painting.....

The base can be separated from the body and the mirror is masked for painting.

The ball socket tension is adjustable.

Alloy metal base, Continuous Spring Pressure joint, Vibration Damping design.

Ball socket joint design with 360º rotation adjustment plus tilt forward and back.

Holds adjustment at high speed and transmits less vibration than the stock 1098/848 mirror.

Superior design and performance over the weak all plastic stock 1198/1098/848 mirror.

You'll never go back to stock mirrors after you try the Ball Socket design.

Our Italian made mirrors are designed to last with aluminum arms (not Plastic) +UV stabilized resin.

For years of satisfied ownership.