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Ducati Performance Multistrada Mirrors Carbon 5829/30- Rebuild service only

Regular price $125.00

Ducati Performance Multistrada Mirrors Carbon 5829/30-Rebuild Service

Rebuild any broken mirror with all new parts reusing only the thick arm stem.

The only solution for broken mirrors at this time.

You buy the service and send us your broken mirror.

Quick turn around.

One day after receipt we will mail back your rebuilt mirror.

No other solutions for this style at this time.

Glossy Black with Carbon pattern look.

Superior to Ducati stock mirrors, the stem does not break like the stock mirrors do.

Excellent Rear view function, less vibration, best Ducati Multistrada mirror ever made.

Convex Mirrors 165x85mm

Genuine Ducati OEM Italy

Moto-science Exclusive....Imported from Italy