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Ducati Scrambler Folding mirrors 280mm or 11" long - Pair -Italy

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Ducati Scrambler Folding mirrors  280mm or 11" long - Pair -Italy

This is a pair of extra long KTM Folding mirrors which fit the Ducati Scrambler without any adapters.

This is an original mirror supplier to KTM by FAR srl. Italy

Vastly superior function and practicality to the stock.

Scrambler mirrors.....and even the overpriced Decorative CNC Scrambler mirrors.

Remember that the Right side mirror is Left hand thread on Ducati.

280mm horizontal reach mirrors with folding elbows.

Also available are the shorter 225mm or 9" and 243mm or 9.75 inch lengths. Ask for model 5498Y or 0097Y, same cost.

Also available are the adjustable 9" to 13" where the stem slides up into the shell so that you make any length mirror you want.

Ask for model 6804Y.

Also available in other styles and sizes, see the photos.

Moto-science exclusive, we only sell Genuine parts which we import from Italy.

We offer many exclusive Ducati mirrors through our web store, not found anywhere else.

We guarantee perfect fitment and satisfaction.

Made in Italy. Convex mirror.

Finest handlebar mirror design in the world

This model is recommended for highway and light-duty dirt bikes.

For heavy duty dirt biking, we recommend our rugged 5587U model also found here on eBay.

Finest Dual-Sport mirror in the world.....

Moto-Science has been importing and these since 2008 from Italy.

Once you try the KTM Folding mirrors you can never go back to a fixed arm mirror.

 Fits: many motorcycles, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMWs and many others

We can ship this mirror to fit anything, just ask......

This mirror is available in 5 versions upon request some installations are different prices.

8mm for 2008-2018 Ducati Monster

10mm for Ducati Monsters up to 2007

10mm for all Yamaha

10mm stud for BMW GS1200, GS800, GS650 up to 2007

8mm stud for F650GS

Set up instructions : Screw in the Perch models P”  5498P, 0097P, 5587P, 6904P, 5498Y, 0097Y, 5587Y, 6904Y, 

Optional grease the elbows, ~blue loctite on the allen bolt....for long haul vibration.

Tension only as much as needed and fold on the fly all day...

Snug the 4mm elbow allen head only as tight as needed to stay wherever you put it.

The grease makes it much smoother.

For the clamping stud mount for “U” models: 5498U, 0097U, 5587U, 6904U

The above “P”  instructions and these notes :

No need to over-tighten the stud clamping mount.

It only has to be tight enough to resist the wind. This is the clamping nut style which will allow the mirror to twist in the event of a fall or collision, saving a broken mirror.