Genuine Original Quality Motorcycle Mirrors by FAR Italy

GSXR with Ducati Supersport GT Turn Signal Mirrors-Pair 6883/84

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GSXR with Ducati Supersport GT Turn signal Mirrors 6883/84 -Pair

Ducati mirrors with GSXR mounts for up to 2002.

Better pictures coming, I guarantee a bolt on fit. 

Includes LED ballast resistors.

Lifetime warranty through Moto-Science on LEDS.

Bolts on fairing in 5 minutes, can be wired as running lights or turn signals

with our passive magic blinker modules:

If you want, look at the Ducati Supersport mirrors category.

All those can be fitted to the 2002 and earlier GSXR's.

Convex Mirrors ~ 165x85mm

Color Black

Genuine Ducati OEM Imported from Italy

Moto-science Exclusive...