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Kawasaki Ninja, w/Ducati 6013/14K Black mirrors Pair

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    Kawasaki Ninja 600 900 1000ZX 6R 9R 10R, ER6N w/Ducati 6013/14K Black mirrors-Pair

    We can fit all Kawasaki sports bikes with bolt-on mirrors, no modifications to the bike.

    Just indicate the make and model of your bike in your order, as there are three different mounts

    28mm, 40mm, and 47mm mounts. We will know which mounts fit your bike.

    Functional mirrors, 

    High-Quality Ducati 999 Mirrors - Made in Italy.

    125mm x 65 mm Convex Glass

    Bolt-on, perfect fit, guaranteed.

    Similar geometry to Honda VFR shown.