Genuine Original Quality Motorcycle Mirrors by FAR Italy

KTM Folding mirrors 225-325mm 10mm for Yamaha kit 6804 Y Pair

Regular price $98.00

KTM Ultimate Folding mirrors 225-325mm adj. for Yamaha/Ducati 10mm perch mount 6804 Y Pair

This kit fits Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles at the new lower price of $98/pair

For most people this all you need. If you still want the 8mm option for the early model BMW F650, then get the 6804U universal mount kit.

Adjustable stem from 225mm-325mm. This mirror can be 225mm short or 325mm long horizontal reach.

If you can't see behind you with these mirrors, you're not even looking.

Mirrors are universal, Left or Right side fitment. Convex optical quality glass.

Made in FAR s.r.l., Supplier to Ducati and KTM OE mirrors.

The mirror stem is adjustable and the stem slides up into the mirror head.

Maximum adjustment options and fits almost every motorcycle.

A pair of mirrors with 10mm x1.25mm RHD thread.

Bolt on fitment for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and many others.

Most motorcycles use 10mm x1.25mm RHD thread.

Finest handlebar mirror design in the world.... Ultimate Dirt and Street bike mirror.

Ratchet Folding feature can be locked down or left adjustable.

Can be folded out of the way for off-road.

The angle of adjustment on the folding elbow

is from 8.30AM to about 3 PM on the clock,

which offers every conceivable position you could want.

No comparison with bar end mirrors or short stock mirrors.

Satisfaction guaranteed