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Piaggio Vespa Lambretta Star LML Scooter mirrors 7554/55 Pair

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Vintage Piaggio Vespa mirrors, Scooter mirrors, Motorcycle mirrors 7554/55 Pair

Piaggio Vespa Lambretta Star LML Scooter mirrors pair.

Classic Vespa mirrors left and right side mirrors.

Includes hardware and under the handlebar bracket.

Made in Italy

Most Popular Vespa mirror in Italy.

If you need a single mirror, It is left or right side as you sit on your scooter.

Fits all 10mm x 1.25mm thread

Vintage Vespa applications :

Vespa PX150-Stella 2T (Disc 1999-Current)

Vespa 50 (V5A) 1963-1983

Vespa P200E (VSX) 1977-1983

Vespa SS 180 (VSC) 1964-1968

Vespa SS90 Super Sprint 90 (V9SS) 1965-1971

Vespa P150X (VLX) 1978-1984

Vespa Primavera 125 (VMA1-2) 1967-1983

Vespa Rally 200 (VSE) 1972-1979

Vespa Sprint 150 (VLB) 1965-1979

Vespa ET3 (VMB) 1976-1983

Vespa Rally 180 (VSD) 1968-1973

Vespa 100 Sport (V9B) 1978-1984

Vespa GL 150 (VLA) 1963-64

Vespa PX125-200 (EFL) 1984-98

Vespa Super 150 (VBC) 1965-1979

Vespa P125X (VNX) 1977-1982

Vespa Primavera 125 (VMA1) 1965-66

Stella 4-Stroke