Genuine Original Motorcycle and Vespa Mirrors by FAR Italy : Fitment questions : or text 3239205750

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Largest catalog of Italian standard mirrors and LED motorcycle mirrors anywhere. 

Exclusive mirrors from FAR s.r.l. Italy since 2008. 

Genuine parts from Italy, no knock offs or pirated rubbish from China. Only Genuine parts have the quality in our analysis. Need a special mirror or a motorcycle manufacturer seeking off the shelf DOT or E13 approved mirror solutions, we can offer/fabricate our latest ideas.

We ship all over the world, Postal service and DHL.

Have fun because life is already too damn short. If you are not having fun with your mirrors, let us know. The catalog is generally mirrors we would buy for our own motorcycles.

Motorcycle gearheads, live to ride, ride to live..... and don't sweat the small stuff. Get out there and ride....your life is not some museum. My bike has a few scars and scrapes but it will take you anywhere, far from any approaching zombie invasion when it comes.

Cheers, henri

Contact : or +1-323-9331366 or Skype: shb777 

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