Genuine Original Motorcycle and Vespa Mirrors by FAR Italy : Fitment questions : or text 3239205750

BMW R1200GS F800GS F650GS S1000XR LED 7030/31BMW -Pair

Regular price $157.00

BMW R1200GS S1000XR F800GS F650GS LED Mirrors 7030/31BMW -Pair

BMW thread pitch 10mm x1.5mm RHD

Fits All BMW handlebar models R1200, R nine T, S1000XR, F800, F650 ~later 2009+

Super bright 16 LEDS.

Same size, scale as the stock BMW Mirrors 51168533686, 51168533685 compare @ $94 each

Convex Mirrors are E Marked. Can be wired as running lights or turn signals or both.

Includes LED ballast resistors for blink rate control and Lamp out indicator ( if needed).

Lifetime warranty through Moto-Science on LEDS.

Our passive magic blinker and running light modules :

Excellent Rear view function, Convex Mirrors ~145x85mm same as the stock mirrors

Mirrors can be tensioned for better vibration rejection by removing the LED module

and snugging the 11mm spring loaded nut on the inside of the mirror

Moto-science Exclusive....Imported from Italy FAR s.r.l.

Our superior 2" mirror extenders work well with these mirrors,

requires the special BMW bolts

Moto-science exclusive collection, special hardware for motorcycles.