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Magic Blinker LED Running lights module - pair

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    Magic Blinker LED Running lights module pair

    Turns any LED or Lamp into running lights and turn signals with only 2 wires.

    Easy to install, small passive semiconductor switch.

    Fits any motorcycle electrical system, totally passive switch.

    Instructions diagram posted here for review.

    Module is in running light mode by default until you call for turn signals

    As soon as you cancel the turn signals, it goes back into running light mode.

    High-speed solid state design is compatible with all flasher relays.

    Comes as a complete kit with electrical connectors and detailed instructions.

    A high-power capability of (~40 Watts at 12v possible).

    Works with LED or lamp indicators.

    Lifetime warranty and Lowest cost running light modules on the market.

    Note: When using this with a lamp turn signal, you should make sure the lamp socket and housing can handle the heat

    of continuous ~10 watts at 12V, which is why most riders prefer to fits LEDS.