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Piaggio Vespa Adjustable Scooter mirror 7212-Each

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    Vintage Piaggio Vespa mirror, Scooter mirror, Adjustable motorcycle mirror 7212-each

    Mirror head can be moved up or down the stem.

    Vespa FAR s.r.l. exclusive.

    Depending on our weekly Italian shipment, this item may take 1 to 2 weeks before it is shipped out.

    Sold Each.

    Made in Italy

    Very Popular mirror in Italy.

    Fits all 10mm x 1.25mm thread

    Vintage Vespa applications :

    Vespa PX150-Stella 2T (Disc 1999-Current)

    Vespa 50 (V5A) 1963-1983

    Vespa P200E (VSX) 1977-1983

    Vespa SS 180 (VSC) 1964-1968

    Vespa SS90 Super Sprint 90 (V9SS) 1965-1971

    Vespa P150X (VLX) 1978-1984

    Vespa Primavera 125 (VMA1-2) 1967-1983

    Vespa Rally 200 (VSE) 1972-1979

    Vespa Sprint 150 (VLB) 1965-1979

    Vespa ET3 (VMB) 1976-1983

    Vespa Rally 180 (VSD) 1968-1973

    Vespa 100 Sport (V9B) 1978-1984

    Vespa GL 150 (VLA) 1963-64

    Vespa PX125-200 (EFL) 1984-98

    Vespa Super 150 (VBC) 1965-1979

    Vespa P125X (VNX) 1977-1982

    Vespa Primavera 125 (VMA1) 1965-66

    Stella 4-Stroke